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The Caney Group provides custom research solutions to clients serving the construction and home improvement marketplace. The Caney Group has over 40 years  experience researching contractors, consumers and other influences who specify, buy and use construction and home improvement products. 

Why we're different

Construction and Home Improvement isn’t a part of what we do, IT’S ALL WE DO. We speak the language of the Pro and DIY consumer who specify and use your products. 

How you'll benefit

Why settle for one-size-fits-all research? At The Caney Group we'll design and execute a custom research program that delivers insights from our unparalleled experience in the Construction and Home Improvement industry. 

Topics We Cover

New Product Development

New products are the lifeblood of every business. Getting the right idea starts with a proper understanding of what your customers need, want or would be delighted by. Sometimes they can tell you, other times you need to observe.

We provide research solutions that cover the entire range of product development, whether you seek a game changer product or make incremental changes that make the customer experience better.

  • Top of Funnel Idea Formulation
  • Field Testing and Prototype Evaluation
  • Concept Testing/Validation
  • Price and feature optimization

Field ethnographies reveal spoken and unspoken needs
Field ethnographies reveal spoken and unspoken needs

Marketing Strategy

Decisions that have far-reaching impact on your business require actionable insights to seize opportunity and minimize risk. In the construction and home improvement arena, The Caney Group provides research in several areas:

  • Brand acquisition
  • Brand segmentation and positioning
  • Gap analysis
  • New business development
  • Market size/Market share
  • Purchase Pathway Studies
  • Hierarchy of Needs Purchase Priorities

Gaming exercises like adaptive conjoint help determine the features and benefits buyers want
Gaming exercises like adaptive conjoint help determine the features and benefits buyers want

Merchandising and Communications

In the rapidly changing world of the retail home center, in depth understanding of shopper needs and behaviors determines success or failure at POS. Holding shopper’s attention is an increasing challenge. We help our clients make the most of their shelf space in several ways:

  • In-store behavioral studies and merchandising diagnostics
  • Packaging testing
  • Ad concept testing and validation
  • Eye tracking analysis to understand merchandising and packaging use on a granular level



Additional Information

Here is a partial list of methods we use. We often provide mixed-methodology or multi-phase studies that are tailored to our client's needs.

              Qualitative Methods

  • Ethnographies and Jobsite Observation
  • Video Observation
  • Shop-along interviews
  • Focus Groups, Dyads and IDI’s
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Phone IDI’s

              Quantitative Methods

  • Online Surveys
  • Phone Interviews
  • Retail Video Observation
  • Store Intercept
  • Eye Tracking
  • Advanced Analytics (Conjoint, MaxDiff, etc.)

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all research provider! At The Caney Group you’ll get a custom research design that delivers insights from our unparalleled Construction and Home Improvement industry experience.


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