Observational and Ethnographic Research

In many cases, there is no substitute for going directly to the source to see how products and services are used and delivered to the end user or consumer. The Caney Group employs video technology to record, interpret, and communicate these insights.

Point-of-Use Ethnographies

Observing product use in natural settings (home, workplace or store) provides a rich understanding of real-world delights, frustrations and workarounds. Point-of-use ethnographies are a fast and efficient way of identifying opportunities for product improvement and new product development.

In-Store Video Observation

Shrinking margins and increasing competition have retail merchants demanding better performance at point of sale (POS). Our retail video observation which can be paired with in- store interviews, provide a clear understanding of consumer behavior and their pathways to purchase. Store video observation helps identify who your customer is and their pain points, leading to improved displays and packaging.

In-Home Video Observation

Cameras placed in home record daily activities over a week to ten day period. Recordings are analyzed and clips are reviewed with the consumer revealing insights about lifestyle, compensatory behavior, and unarticulated needs. These studies identify remarkable insights for the development of new products and services.

Mobile Eye Tracking

Also called Untethered Eye Tracking, this research method allows clients to literally see how consumers shop through their own eyes. Mobile eye tracking helps clients identify pain points at the shelf so their packaging and displays can be made more eye-catching and functional for the consumer.