Phil Harriau
President of The Caney Group

Founded in 1972, The Caney Group provides customized research tailored to our client’s individual needs and objectives. We offer quantitative, qualitative and context-based methods with a broad selection of marketing research tools to address your challenges. Count on us to deliver actionable insights on time and on budget.

“Delving deep to reveal customer and
consumer thoughts and motivations.”

The Back Story

Phil started his career in the industrial components business as a mechanical engineer. Within five years, he moved into product management where he oversaw the marketing research projects for his product line. In this role, Phil developed a passion for figuring out how people think and behave when making buying decisions, and joined The Caney Group in 1994 as research manager.

Expanding into New Areas

In 2000, Phil purchased the company and took over as president. Drawing from his engineering and marketing roots, Phil’s vision for the company expanded its position as a resource for New Product Development initiatives. This propelled the company into several new areas including contextual interviewing, ethnography and video observation studies.

Education and Training

Phil’s extensive business experience is complimented by an engineering degree from Clarkson University and an MBA from the University of Bridgeport. He is also a RIVA-trained moderator who has completed hundreds of qualitative groups and interviews with consumers and professionals on a broad range of subjects.

Team Resources

The Caney Group team includes highly experienced research associates with backgrounds in anthropology, engineering, and Hispanic culture. Access to these seasoned experts provides flexibility to match specific skills to the product the project needs of our clients.